Radiographs are images produced by x-rays. Radiology is a quick and easy
imaging modality that provides details on internal organs and structures.
We use digital technology which produces superior images and allows us near
instantaneous images.


Ultrasound is on site and is an advanced imaging technique that uses
soundwaves to provide a real-time moving image of your pet’s internal
organs. This procedure is particularly useful for diagnosing abdominal and
cardiac problems and can also be used to detect abdominal fluid, tumors,
foreign bodies, and other illnesses.

On-site Labratory

If an examination does not provide a full diagnostic picture, blood work
and other laboratory tests are used to diagnose your pet’s condition to
develop the best treatment plan. Heal Veterinary Clinic ‘s advanced on-site
laboratory is capable of processing different values within the visit for
fast, accurate treatment of your pet. For more complex cases, we utilize
the services of an outside reference laboratory so all range of testing is

Digital Thermal Imaging

Digital Thermal Imaging measures radiated energy from the targeted tissue.
The difference in radiated energy can be measured by temperature and color
associated with change.
Hotter areas depict inflammation and cooler areas depict lack of

See inside the body by evaluating the hot and cold conducted to the surface
of the body. Consider screening to:

*Our pets can’t tell us where it hurts.

*Quick and affordable wellness screen.

*Locate pain and inflammation.

*See a before, during, and after treatment results.

*Completely safe with nothing being emitted.

*Improves outcomes with more precise targeted treated of areas.